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I would Like to Introduce you to 12 tools that will help you transform your life

Coach Yourself

Tool 01:

Why is it important to coach yourself
For Self-awareness

  • To grow/have new results

  • Our brain likes repetition

  • Our brain likes to stay in a place that is safe and well-known

  • Your results now are because of the thoughts you had so far

  • If you want new results, you need to create new thoughts

The way to get started doing is to constrain thinking and begin doing.

Tool 02:

The Power of Emotion

  • Emotions are the drive for every single action we do

  • Emotions are the reason we want, or we don’t want anything or everything

  • Emotion Vs Sensation

  • Allowing emotions

  • Avoiding emotions

  • Resisting emotions

  • Creating emotions

  • Concept of 50-50


Tool 03:

Believing New Things

  • What are beliefs: the thoughts are just repeated more and more

  • If you want something new, a new result, then you have to think and think and make it a belief

  • Why Affirmations do not work: because you don’t believe in them

Beliefs are optional

  • Uncover your current beliefs

  • Discover what beliefs you want to replace

  • Sometimes is hard believe what you want

  • Thought ladders – ladder of thoughts from the current belief that you are now to the place you want to be

  • Rooms for flexibility?

Tool 04:

Time Management

  • Never busy

  • No to do list, just plan and do it, most people to do list is just running thoughts

  • Constrain

  • The purpose of time management is self care, and it is not only pushing yourself

  • Manage your fun/downtime first

  • Make room for resistance

  • Time is a contract/made up

  • Time is the most valuable asset and we can not buy more of it


Tool 05:


  • Relationship to yourself

  • Relationship with other people

  • You never have relationship with other person, you only have relationship with thoughts about the other person

  • Manual

  • Unconditional love

  • Boundaries

  • Lovability

  • Allowing other people to be who they are

Tool 06:

Self Confidence

  • Not afraid to feel any emotions

  • Confidence Vs Self-confidence

  • Trust yourself: have your back despite negative events and outcome

  • Say no to:

    • Inaction

    • Self-loathing

    • Confusion

    • Worry

    • Complaining


Tool 07:


How To Change Your Past

  • Past only exists in your mind

  • Future only exists in your mind

  • You can think whatever you want about your past and you do not need anyone’s permission

Tool 08:

How To Live Your Purpose

  • You probably living your purpose but likely you don’t know it

  • What is your purpose

  • Everyone has one line/one sentence, what is yours?

  • Life of possibilities


Tool 09:

How To Get It Done

  • Most people not get it done because they are confused

  • Most poisonous thought: I don’t know how--- replace it with I am going to find out how

  • List—obstacles—strategy—plan

  • Create the emotions you need

  • Sense of accomplishment   

Tool 10:

How To Organize Your Mind And Your Life

  • Decluttering

  • 60000 thoughts per day

  • If you do not clean and clear your mind, you will feel overwhelmed

  • Clear—Clean—uncluttered

  • Organization


Tool 11:

Emotional Balance

  • Concept of 50-50

  • Balance of positive and negative emotions

  • Embrace negative emotions/negative emotions are not bad, let them be here

  • Do not pursue happiness

  • Create positive emotions

Tool 12:

Doing impossible

  • Start making decisions from that impossible dream

  • Make the impossible dream for yourself not other people

  • What is your impossible dream, be objective as much as you could

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