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"As an individual with the ability to shape my own life, I am grateful that my reality aligns with my aspirations."

Dr. Nasrin Safavi


My name is Dr. Nasrin Safavi, and I am a specialist in Internal Medicine. I have embarked on a mission to support physician wellness, well-being, mentorship, and leadership.

As a result of my son's diagnosis with ARPKD, a rare genetic disease, and the challenges of balancing my work as an independent physician with caring for a child with special needs, I became deeply invested in studying healthcare leadership, wellness, burnout, and the benefits of coaching in Medicine.

I am confident in my ability to assist physicians, professionals, trainees, and their spouses in developing resilience and leading a conscious, deliberate life. My goal is to impart the knowledge and insights I have gained on productivity, thought management, and navigating the pressures of professional life to others.


As a physician and a mother to a son with a rare genetic condition, I faced numerous challenges in balancing my professional and personal responsibilities. Despite my medical education and training, I struggled to manage my own pain and emotional well-being. Driven by my desire for personal growth and fulfillment, I embarked on a journey to learn and develop skills in resilience, goal-setting, and time management.

Through conscious effort and personal development, I have learned to cope with adverse events and prioritize my own well-being. I now strive to inspire and guide others in creating a life they love, free from unhappiness and dysfunction. I invite you to work with me as I teach and mentor you in this transformative journey towards a fulfilling life.

  • Life Coach Certification, 2022

  • Healthcare Leadership Development Master Program, Schulich School of Business, 2021

  • Internal Medicine, University of Toronto, 2018

  • Hospital Medicine Fellowship, University of Toronto, 2013

  • Internal Medicine/Cardiology, Iran University of Medical Science, 2010

  • Doctor of Medicine, Isfahan University of Medical science 2005

Faded Shapes

I am Dr. Nasrin Safavi, an Internal Medicine Physician and a Physician Coach. For the past 20 years, I have studied medicine, leadership, and coaching, and have developed a passion for using the knowledge and insights I have gained to help others reach their greatest potential. My aim is to provide support and guidance to entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals, such as physicians, pharmacists, dentists, and lawyers, who want to break away from their old and limiting belief systems. 


My private practice specializes in burnout, career development, entrepreneurship issues, and other internal and external obstacles. I focus on guiding my clients to recognize their values, address trauma, and empower them to become authentic leaders. I emphasize the detrimental and pervasive effects of patriarchal systems and strive to transform how engagement is viewed. 


I would be truly honored if you allowed me to assist you in furthering your personal and professional life.

Private Coaching

We spend time together, I sit on a couch with you and we are going to navigate your thoughts and your feelings, you learn thought management and skills how to coach yourself and self-manage in future.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Did you know that only 1 in 10,000 people can name a value of theirs and show how it's being practiced in their life? It's like driving without a clear destination, always ending up lost and frustrated. That's why it's important to integrate your values into your daily life, that's the key to making lasting change.


 3-month coaching package to help you continue this path.


The first 6 weeks will focus on:


1- Identifying your goals and understanding the reasons behind them and your beliefs about them.


2- Exploring your current beliefs, thoughts, and values to remove internal obstacles.


3- Learning how to do deep work, organize your mind, design your life, and manage cognitive workload.


4- Focusing on self-love and self-care while doing deep work.


5- Building self-confidence and self-trust, setting boundaries, and practicing unconditional love.


6- Creating an action plan and developing self-discipline, with a focus on self-love.


In the second 6 weeks, you'll receive weekly 30-minute coaching sessions to track your progress, address obstacles, and continue implementing your business action plan.


This package can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Coaching Package 

The 3-month coaching package offers a comprehensive approach to personal growth, emotional wellbeing, encompassing areas such as burnout, professional challenges, career development, relationships, self-confidence, time management, and goal cultivation.


The package includes:


First 6 weeks of intensive coaching and training sessions, each lasting 1-1.5 hours. These sessions will focus on:

  1. Thoughts and beliefs

  2. Emotional well-being

  3. Unconditional love and boundary setting

  4. Relationships

  5. Self-confidence and self-trust

  6. Goal setting and time management


Second 6 weeks of weekly 30-minute follow-up coaching sessions to assist with implementation.


Please note that the time slots for these sessions are flexible and can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Zona Sceerey

“Nasrin is a coach that is very thorough. She gets you to the point of the problem and keeps you focused on what is at hand. 
Nasrin, shows great love and accountability for her clients! 
I would definitely recommend her as a coach! “

Priyanka Thakan

"Dr. Safavi is an amazing coach! She stands for you and, at the same time, shows you how your perspective, actions are coming in the way of what you are wanting. You need that kind of honesty and courage from a coach to make different choices in your life. She supports you in making those choices and keeps you accountable. If you need serious change, Dr. Safavi is your coach!"

Miranda Tarpey 

"Nas is an excellent coach! She is so good at diving right in and uncovering exactly what is going on in your mind.The fact that Nas is not only a Certified Life Coach but also a Doctor really makes you feel confident that you are in good hands. She is always going to steer you in the right direction. I would recommend Nas to anyone!"
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